Not surprising then CHRIS took to being a
Radio Ham!

Video about J.J.Denton 1920s

My two most enjoyable modes are Phone and C.W. Perhaps using my Bencher twin paddle key more often than the Yaesu MD-100 Mic.

Now I have the Yaesu FT 991A I have become more involved with digital modes and Fusion Wires X. I also now enjoy the various VHF and UHF Repeaters which are in and around Somerset and Dorset.

Within the loft is my Diamond X50 2m/70cm fixed station vertical. It seems fine within the loft away from weather and corrosion however I do miss some repeaters just out of range in S.Wales, Bristol and Devon.

My grandfather Joseph John Denton, (Some time he was called James, but mostly he liked to be called John or JJ) he was a free lance engineer with the Hastings municipal Corporation and he was the first Honorary Secretary of the Hastings Radio Society.

John Logie Baird met in Hastings with JJ Denton where they formed a friendship over their electrical engineering abilities. JJ became Logie's loyal and trusted friend and assistant free lance throughout the 20sand 30s. Learning about Hertz Waves Telephone and the birth of the Televisor, later in years also to do secret work on behalf of the government which is now known to be about early radar.

Below; Pictures of my grandfather with John Logie Baird and Benn Clapp.

The pictures show JJ Denton with Benn Clapp pictured doing the first transatlantic communications to USA

The second picture depicts JJ Denton holding ‘Stookie Bill’ with John Logie Baird behind getting ready to
transmit pictures.

The lower picture is Benn Clapp and
J John Denton showing invited guests their achievements of John Logie Baird’s progress.