01-10-23. My rig  now is a new Yaesu FT 991A. This radio has plenty to get my head around but I am enjoying the challenge.
The Main antenna is my
80 Mtr. Off Centre Fed
H.F. Dipole.
See pictures below.

g0mrr pic

The installation is coming from my house loft area by going through the wall with the
coax cable to the 4-1 Balun high up on the apex.

The long leg is basically a squared of U shape and the short leg is a horizontal V shape. The two legs do not cross over each other as the pictures may suggest!
The average height is 22Ft. It was quite a challenge to get my 80 mtr. dipole to work in a very restericted area.

My optional antenna is my MFJ Horizontal  Hi Q loop approx 98cm. in diameter. The loop has a remote control tuner which after a little experience to tune it


becomes a great antenna exceeding all expectations. As the loop is 9meters of ground (30feet) MFJ recommend the loop be horizontal and a plus is that it becomes Omni directional!

I can switch from the 80mtr. dipole wire to my Magnetic loop with a HF switch in my shack

The dipole wire becomes my ears while I scout the bands before tuning the Magnectic loop to the desired
band and frequency.

The mag. loop is placed on the wall gable end of house and a steel pole takes it above the ridge height to 9 Mtrs. 30 foot.

Both the Mag loop and 80mtr.dipole are connected via a 18mm.hole through the cavity wall, allowing the coax through the wall to the exterior 4/1 Balun at 25 ft. high from inside of the loft area of the main house.

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