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Amateur Radio also known as ham radio or Radio hams for licensed persons who have obtained the correct qualifications

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February 2016

QTH: North Petherton Bridgwater South West England UK

Chris  G0MRR in his shack

Obtaining my full license in 1989 I was able to work most countries on all bands by way of my 60 ft Mast with a full size HF Cushcraft beam with 40 Mtrs add on. I also had a 6m beam and a 2m Yagi plus dual band 2m/70cm
I was then living in Berrynarbor Nr. Ilfracombe North Devon. (see first two pictures to your right.)



26 years have passed and things in retirement are a little different. My wife and I have recently moved to a new house on an estate Near North Petherton Bridgwater.
Thus the antennas have to be proportionate.
to the small garden.
See my Hi-Q Loop. >>

Looking over the top of my old house in Berrynarbor N.Devon Full size A4S with 40mtr. add on kit  above 6mtr and 2mtr with 2/70 vertical

Berrynarbor N.Devon

60ft. lattice mast.




April 2015:   

 A move to North Petherton


MFJ 1788X Hi Q Loop Horizontal

Tuesday, 08 March, 2016  

The main antenna MFJ 1788X Hi Q Loop takes some fine tuning and a little experience is needed in the beginning, but this antenna exceeds all expectations!
My EZ End fed is 16.1 meters in length and runs from the inside of the house loft area with a 1-9 Unun through the SG239 smart tuner (so no weather problems) and straight out through the gable block exterior wall. (which I insulated the end fed wire with rubber tube through the wall)
Turning at right angles the end fed run was over the garage roof terminating 3 meters high on a garden fence post. Making the 16.1 meters run.
The many memory settings of the SG239 makes matching easy and SWR is low. I can switch from Antenna to Long wire thus giving me full coverage of HF bands and RX / TX through the EZ end fed while tuning in the Magnetic loop. The EZ End fed wire antenna has
become my 'ears' listening to DX before I tune up my Hi-Q Loop to the same frequency for even greater and better DXing. It must be said that the Loop is much quieter and comes into its own on DX work, whilst the end fed is better locally. See my video on BHi Noise Away on the above tabs.
The MFJ 1788X Hi-Q Loop is placed on the side of the gable end and fitted horizontally.
(see picture Top Right.)
The loop is approximately 28 feet ( 9 Meters) from ground.

I use Please confirm our QSO.   To help me with my CW I have installed MRP40

Main QSL
On my desk a Bencher twin paddle keyer and a Yeasu MD100

My Grandfather was the inspiration of my radio activities as he was one of the pioneers in the development of radio and television. Professor JJ Denton. (see old pictures above) The next paragraph was taken from the internet.


JJ Denton and television and radio experiments. It was published at the time that JJ Denton was undertaking secret radio research for the Government, but finding out exactly what Government work he was doing and in locating Denton's radio call sign for 1923-4 escapes me, but we have found DXV which may have changed in 1940 to 2DXV.  J.J.Denton worked for the Hastings Municipal Corp. & was the first Honorary Secretary of the Hastings Radio Society
Below is just some information on the Internet during 1920s


Some interesting documentation on JJ Denton circa 1882 and a letter from Oliver J Lodge 1900 are available to view by clicking this link below;
Joseph J Denton

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